Test your Heater BEFORE It Gets Too Cold

Winter is coming to Greensboro, which means cold temperatures will soon be here to stay. Is your car heater up for the challenge?

Being warm isn’t only a matter of comfort, it keeps you safe! Cold body temperatures reduce your ability to react quickly in an emergency, slow your response time, and leave you more prone to distraction. Shivering and heavy layers also make it difficult to concentrate while driving. For your comfort and safety, make sure you can stay warm in your vehicle this winter.

After several months of warm summer temperatures and not using the heater, latent problems with the heating system start showing up in the fall.

Before your car gets too cold this winter, test your heater to make sure it is working properly!

On the next cold morning, turn your heater up. Pay attention to how quickly it heats your vehicle. Hold your hand up to the vents to make sure warm air is coming through each vent.

If it takes too long to warm your vehicle, bring your car in for an inspection. Our technicians will test the system and look for problems that could be preventing it from working properly. A faulty heater coil could be the cause, or it could be as simple as blocked air flow in the vents. A dirty cabin air filter could reduce the effectiveness of your heater but can easily be replaced.

There are many reasons the heater may not be keeping up with the cold temperatures. To keep your vehicle warm this winter, test your car heating system early. Bring your car to Foreign Accents in Greensboro and our certified technicians will inspect the heater in your vehicle. If you need any other services to prepare for winter weather in North Carolina, request an appointment online or call our auto shop at 336.294.2137.

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