Fall Car Care Tips

Fall is here, and pumpkin-spiced goodies are popping up in grocery store aisles across Greensboro… so we’re jumping in with our new pumpkin-spice oil changes!

Just kidding – pumpkin flavors might mix well with your coffee, but instead we’re offering advice to keep your vehicle safely on the road this fall.

Read our tips below, then stop by Foreign Accents for a fall safety inspection to make sure your vehicle is ready for changing fall weather!

First, think about your suspension and alignment. With road trips, construction, and potholes during the summer, all those bumpy roads can wear down your shocks and struts. When your wheels slip out of alignment, you’ll get lower gas mileage and be at risk for more slips and slides on wet fall roads.

Next, look at your battery. Damage from summer heat isn’t always easy to spot, and may not be noticeable until the first very cold day in the fall. Before you’re stuck with a car that won’t start, have your battery tested at our reliable auto repair shop during your next inspection to make sure it can handle the swinging temperatures of fall weather.

Before the next rainstorm, make sure you’ll be able to see clearly on the road. Stock up on wiper fluid, and stop by Foreign Accents if you need new wiper blades or headlight bulbs. Test your windshield wipers regularly so you’re never caught in a storm with poor visibility.

Want to make sure your vehicle is ready for changing road conditions this fall and winter? Give us a call – 336.294.2137 – our experienced technicians will do a complete inspection to make sure there aren’t problems lurking, just waiting until that first freeze to leave you stranded in the cold.

Stop by our auto repair shop in Greensboro or request an appointment online.

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