Warning Signs for Shocks and Struts

Why does your vehicle need shocks and struts?

These components are designed to make your ride more comfortable by keeping your tires on the road. Without them, your vehicle would bounce with every bump in the road. Shocks and struts allow you to remain in control with easier handling on uneven road surfaces.

Unlike other components (like filters or spark plugs), there is not a specific mileage interval when you need to replace the shocks and struts. But like every mechanical component, they will eventually wear down and need to be replaced.

Have your vehicle inspected by a professional auto repair shop, like Foreign Accents in Greensboro! Symptoms and warning signs of shocks and struts damage include:

  • Leaking. Oil and wet spots outside of the shocks and struts may be visible. Never ignore leaking fluid — doing so could turn a simple fix into an expensive repair!
  • Damage. Look for physical damage to the shocks and struts. A broken mount or dented housing could spell big trouble!
  • Handling. If your vehicle has been excessively bumpy or sways from side to side, that could be a sign of a problem. Other signs include the nose dipping when you brake and the suspension bottoming out in your driveway.

To test your shocks and struts at home, try the “bounce test.” Push down hard at each corner of your car. If it bounces back more than two times after you release the body, the shocks may need to be replaced. Bring your vehicle to Foreign Accents for a detailed inspection.

Replacing worn shocks and struts not only makes your driving more comfortable, it also can improve performance! Your vehicle will stop faster when braking, be more stable on wet and icy roads, improve gas mileage, and protect the life of your tires and suspension.

To schedule an inspection, including shocks and struts, call our auto repair shop in Greensboro at 336.294.2137 or request an appointment online.

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