The Importance of Proper Wheel Alignment


If you want your car to handle properly then having properly-aligned wheels is of paramount importance.

Your vehicle’s suspension system connects the wheels to the body and helps provide a steady ride even along an uneven driving surface. Over time, your suspension will start to bend or warp after you’ve hit enough pot holes, curbs, etc. When this happens – and it will – your wheels will be misaligned which can cause your car to veer in a given direction which is obviously dangerous for you and your passengers.

Wheel alignment procedures will fix the shape of your suspension and ensure that your vehicle will steer straight again. Auto technicians have special calibration machines that straighten out your suspension and give your car back its proper handling feel.

A car’s “camber” is the angle of a wheel as it appears when the vehicle is being viewed from the front. Negative cambers (also known as “toe-ins”) occur when wheels are pointing towards one another, as if magnetized. Positive cambers occur when the top of a wheel leans out away from the body. While these phenomena can be tough to notice while you’re driving, wheels suffering from positive/negative camber effects can negatively impact steering performance and cause extra wear on tire treads.

Another issue misaligned tires can cause is subtle skidding along roads, which will reduce your tires’ lifespan significantly. This will also hurt your vehicle’s fuel efficiency as it will require more power to make turns which also adds to the safety concerns of wheel misalignment.

A quick and easy way to check your vehicle’s alignment is to simply drive on a straight, flat road. If you veer to the left or to the right, you most likely have misaligned wheels.

It is recommended that you get an alignment check at least once per year but if you think you have an issue sooner, be sure to get it checked ASAP. If you have any questions about wheel alignment or anything else related to your vehicle’s safety, give us a call at 336.294.2137 or click HERE to request a service appointment!

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