Spring Tire Check

Rain or shine, your vehicle’s tires have to work hard to keep you safe and in control on the roads in Greensboro. Changing seasons is a perfect reminder to check your tires for key warning signs to help you get the longest life for your vehicle’s tires.
Here are a few tips:

  1. Visual Check. Check the grooves of your tire to make sure there are no rocks or objects stuck in the tread. Make sure there is enough tread to handle road conditions in Greensboro (2/32” minimum, 4/32” for wet or slick conditions). Look for gouges, cuts, or bulges along the sidewalls of the tires. If there are any irregularities, bring your car or vehicle into our shop for an inspection. These can be signs of a problem that leave you at greater risk for a flat tire.
  2. Tire pressure. We recommend checking the tire pressure at least once per month. You can purchase an inexpensive, easy to use tire pressure gauge and check in your own garage or when you fill up at the gas station. Under inflated tires puts extra stress on the tire, while over inflation causes uneven wear and handling problems.
  3. Spare Tire. Don’t forget to check the spare! Perform the same visual inspection on the spare tire, and make sure it is properly inflated.
  4. Rotation. Rotating the tires helps to control the wear on the tread from normal driving and prevent irregular wear. Our auto and tire experts can inspect your tires and let you know if they need to be rotated.
  5. Alignment. Uneven tire wear may be a sign that you need an alignment. When you bring your vehicle in for an alignment inspection, our auto technicians will take precise measurements to ensure the tires are hitting the road at exactly the same angle and position.

Regular tire checks can help you maximize the life of your tires! In addition to checking your tires at home, bring your vehicle into Foreign Accents for a tire check with your next oil change or maintenance service. Request an appointment online or call 336.294.2137.

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