Services : Repairs

Foreign Accents Automotive Repair Services

Our Bosch certified mechanics can handle any auto repair you need. Our mechanics are well versed with both modern and classic cars and they are fully trained in the latest automotive technologies. You can have confidence we’ll be able to provide you with quality and affordable vehicle repair.

You can trust the service at Foreign Accents. We pride ourselves on our honest dealings with our customers. Many repairs can be completed in one day, others require more extensive work or parts not readily available. Whatever the case, our focus is getting the job done right in the least amount of time possible.

Foreign Accents uses OEM Parts

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. If a part is called OEM, it was made by the manufacturer to be used in your car when it was new, and can be bought later to replace a broken part.

Foreign Accents uses OEM Parts when repairing your car so you can be sure you are getting a high quality part that will make your car like it was new. You can trust the quality of the part because it is just like the one your car would have off the assembly line!

Bosch Certified

We believe that quality and reliable auto repair starts with quality reliable technicians. A Bosch certified technician is proof you have the right technician working on your vehicle.

You will receive an accurate diagnosis of the problem

No guessing, no bait-and-switch. Just an accurate diagnosis explained to you in simple terms so you can make the right decision.

You can talk to the mechanic working on your car

There is no “iron curtain” between you and our mechanics. You have a question? Ask the very mechanic working on your vehicle.

You can watch repairs in progress

Our work is not done “in the back”. It is done in our shop behind a completely transparent glass wall. You can watch the work while you wait.

You can inspect any parts that have been replaced

Any part we take off your vehicle is still yours. If you want to see it, touch it, or keep it – you can.