New Year, New Habits that can Improve Your Car

As you consider your resolutions for the New Year, don’t forget your car! For most people, it’s the second most expensive investment they’ll ever make, and resolving to keep a few new habits can help protect that investment for years to come! Here are some easy ways to care for your car…

Learn to love your tire pressure gauge. Starting at just $5 for an analog version or $10 for digital, a tire pressure gauge might have the best cost-to-savings ratio of any tool you can own. After all, checking and correcting your tire pressure during each fill up at the gas station can not only mean improved MPG and savings at the pump, it can also ensure that your tires don’t wear out prematurely!

Do your spring cleaning more than once each year. Cleaning the clutter out of your car is more than just therapeutic — it also means reduced fuel costs as you reduce the weight your car has to cart around all day! If you make a point to clear out the junk weekly, you can save at the pump all year long.

Lighten up on the lead foot. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can assume that each 5mph you’re traveling over 50mph is like spending an extra $0.24 per gallon at the pump! Going 50 may not always be practical on the highway, but spending less time in the left lane can certainly add up to savings this year.

Car washes are more than just cosmetic. Washing your car regularly this year can protect the finish on your vehicle, helping to preserve its resale value down the road. But regular car washes aren’t just cosmetic. Washing your vehicle helps prevent rust from forming which could mean an early end for your vehicle. Washing also helps prevent corrosive build-up from forming on the rims of your tires that can lead to an incomplete seal, meaning low tire pressure, decreased MPG, premature wear, and even a flat tire at the worst possible time.

The surest way to catch problems on your vehicle while they are small and fixable instead of catastrophic, expensive, and inconvenient is with regular inspections by ASE-Certified Technicians. This year, if you resolve to have your oil changed every 3 months / 3,000 miles and have your car thoroughly inspected each time, you’re also resolving to protect your investment, save money and reduce your frustration in the new year!

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