Five Ways to Avoid Car Theft

While not as traumatic as a write-off crash or dramatic breakdown, the experience of having your vehicle, or its contents, stolen is nonetheless one of the worst ordeals a car owner can endure.

Should your vehicle be recovered after it’s stolen, there are still myriad headaches to endure as you get repairs taken care of, fill out forms and paperwork galore and contend with insurance claims.

In order to avoid this gauntlet of annoyances, remember these five tips when you’re parking your car here in Guilford County:

1 – When on the hunt for parking spaces, aim for a spot that’s in a well-lit area with lots of traffic. Thieves tend to target out-of-the-way lots or dark alleys so the few places for a burglar to hide the better.

2 – Try not to leave anything of value in your car but, if you do, make sure they aren’t visible through your windows. Lock them in your glove compartment, put them under a seat, cover them with a loose blanket – just make sure they’re out of sight!

3 – Don’t leave your keys in the car. You never know who may be watching you so giving a potential thief an opportunity like this should be avoided at all costs.

4 – If your car has a customized stereo or anything else that could fetch a pretty penny on the black market, refrain from advertising that fact with stickers or other advertisements on the body of your vehicle. Thieves know what to look for when it comes to valuable toys and such your car may have onboard so drawing attention to these is like adding a break-in magnet to your bumper.

5 – Purchase and install an anti-thievery device like “The Club” or a “Lo-Jack” and DO advertise their presence with decals! If your car has an alarm, promote that fact as well and remember to activate it every time you leave your car unattended.

In conjunction with some good common sense, you can reduce the odds of your car being stolen by following these simple steps!

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